Are you ready for a treat?

At Studio Fifteen and Le15 Patisserie, we are super excited for the upcoming launch of founder Pooja Dhingra’s debut cookbook. The Big Book of Treats is slated for a March release, from Penguin Books India.

We will be telling you much more in the coming weeks, of course. For now, eStylista featured Pooja in a fabulous interview. Here and excerpts, and read the whole piece here

eStylista: When did you decide you wanted to write a cookbook?
Pooja: I’ve always wanted to write one, for as long as I can remember. I think the idea began sprouting when I was 16, and then I took it up seriously two years ago.

eStylista: How would you describe ‘The Big Book of Treats’?
Pooja: It is an easy and accessible guide to baking. It’s written keeping in mind the Indian kitchen, our traditions and all recipes use ingredients that are easily available to everyone.

eStylista: The best, and then the most difficult bits of being a first-time author?
Pooja: The best thing was compiling all my life experiences and favourite recipes, then seeing them transform into a book. Writing the recipes was fairly easy but testing them was time-consuming. We’ve tested everything several times over – that was difficult but also quite fun! All the recipes of their favourite Le15 goodies are in there!

Thank you, eStylista! For more information on the book, follow @bigbookoftreats on Twitter

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