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Bake The Book – All Chocolate!

Rs. 4,000

Saturday, 18th March

11 am – 2 pm

Class Conducted by Pooja Dhingra

Bake the Book – The Wholesome Kitchen 

A special class for this month. Get a signed copy of Pooja Dhingra’s new book “The Wholesome Kitchen”‘ and bake some popular recipes from the book with her!

Menu for the Class:

- Chocolate Cake with Banana and Coconut Butter Frosting

- Chocolate Chip Apricot Bars

- Choco Coco Fudge

- Chocolate Chip Cookies


About the Book

The Wholesome Kitchen

Nourish. Energize. Indulge

By Pooja Dhingra with inputs by Viddhi Dhingra

Who says healthy, nutritious meal can’t be mouth-wateringly delicious?

In over 80 scrumptious recipes, Pooja Dhingra, India’s Macaron Queen, award-winning chef and popular restaurateur, shows you how to re-invent everyday ingredients to cook hearty meals and luscious desserts that can be consumed with all the pleasure and none of the associated guilt.

Based on the nutrition philosophy Pooja herself adopted to simplify her long term battle against weight issues – and accompanied by expert advice from Nutritionist Viddhi Dhingra – the delightful treats in this book will inspire you to transform the way you cook and eat.

Whether you are in need of an energizing start to the day or a pick-me-up late in the afternoon, a refreshing lunch or an indulgent (but sugarless and eggless) dessert, this book has the perfect mix for you.

Complete with invaluable advice on altering deeply ingrained dietary habits, calorie- counting v/s real nutrition and alternatives for those who need to avoid specific ingredients, The Wholesome Kitchen is your ticket to getting your health back on track in the most delectable way.

Featuring recipes from Sonam Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Parineeti Chopra, Shraddha Kapoor, Rahul Khanna, Kelvin Cheung, Karishma Dalal and Pablo Naranjo Agular among others.



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