Business of Baking: Christina Fernandes

Christina Fernandes is trained in both confectionery and baking – from Bombay’s HAFT at Sophia Polytechnic – and preparing nutritionally balanced meals for children, from Meerilinga Training College, Australia. At Studio Fifteen, Christina’s very popular classes range from baking, to cake decorating to learning desserts from all over the world. 

We chatted with her about her life, and her passion.

Please describe your average work day, and the role food plays in it. 
Christina: My day starts at 6.15 am, and of course there is no fixed time at which it ends. It really depends on work! Once my daughter’s off to school at 7 am, I head straight to the kitchen to get orders under way. I love working in my kitchen and apart from my baking, love cooking for my family as well.

An ingredient that you consider absolutely magical.
Christina: I love nutmeg, I use it a lot in many of my desserts and even cooking. I just absolutely love the flavour and also the aroma, when it is freshly ground. I especially love it in caramel custard.

An ingredient you think is very overrated.
Christina: Vanilla essence.

A movie centred around food that you love.
Christina: Just Desserts

Three tips everyone must remember in the kitchen.
Christina: Always say a prayer before you start baking/cooking. Always use a sharp knife – you are more likely to cut yourself with a blunt one. Always measure and prep your ingredients before you start putting it together. It’s generally hard to rectify a dessert once it is baked.

What you love most about teaching?
Christina: For me the best part of teaching is when the students come back to share their own success stories with the recipes. Sometimes they bring a sample for me to taste. I love baking and that love only grows when I share it with others. So many people come to our classes from different walks of life and professions, all eagerly trying to pursue their passion for baking. The fact that I play a small part in that is very humbling.

Your dream food destination.
Christina: I’d have to say Australia, because of all the beautiful natural produce.

What inspires you, in food, and in life?
Christina: I think what truly inspires me is the appreciation of my clients and customers. It keeps me creating and developing new delicious recipes. And in my life it’s Susan Boyle singing I dreamed a dream.

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