When I set up the Le15 Patisserie kitchen in March 2010 the plan was to run baking and cooking classes out of it. And we did exactly that, with weekend classes every month for three years. Then, there came a point at which I felt that we could do a lot more with a kitchen space that was dedicated to culinary workshops. I started looking for this dream space two years ago; eventually – and luckily – I found it right next to the Le15 Kitchen.

Thus, was born Studio Fifteen. I see this as a culinary hub for everything from workshops, to private lessons and corporate training sessions, to pop-up meals and chef collaborations. Our classes will be aimed at everyone who just wants to learn how to cook or bake in a fun atmosphere. Plus, Studio Fifteen will have a small store, where you can buy ingredients that are difficult to source in Mumbai.

While food remains at the heart of Studio Fifteen, I am excited to explore newer avenues, and encourage cross-pollination of ideas and disciplines. The mission of this new space is to encourage people to absorb and share knowledge. After all, it is born of my own constant need to keep learning and growing.

Pooja Dhingra